Just a quick stop by. We got robbed yesterday. The thieves took my laptop, the Wii, my kindle, my alarm clock (why??) and a bottle of vodka. Luckily that seems to be all (for instance, not the cat or the instruments), but any amount is too much.

I’ll be back to regular blogging soon I’m sure, but right now I don’t have the proper tools set up. Suffice it to say I am pretty pissed off. It seems they got in through a window in the kitchen that I swear was locked, but perhaps a good shove popped them open. The cops were really helpful though. They took down a report and soon I will have my copy of that.

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. I myself am off to play a service. Here’s hoping today goes better than yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Burgled”

  1. I came to your website after you commented on another runner’s Boston Marathon recap and have enjoyed your website thoroughly. I’m a former cellist and current running enthusiast and crazy cat lady, so I get a big kick out of your blog.

    I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry that this happened to you, that’s so violating and maddening! At the very least, thank Jebus they didn’t take your violins!!!! The idiot probably didn’t know they were worth more than the rest of the stuff they took. I know someone whose house was completely ransacked but the worst thing about the whole ordeal was that they let their indoor cats outside and they were missing for a while. Kinda makes me want to take a tire iron and……well, I digress.

    Happy Easter to you too. Hopefully you’ve already replaced that vodka by now.

    1. Glad you are enjoying my website! I get a big kick out of writing it, so I’m always ecstatic when folks read it.

      Yeah, that would suck about the cats! I have to say I am constantly relieved my cat is fine. Well, fat and whiny, but generally okay…

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