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Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

How pretty is our table?

tablesetting I

I just spent the last three straight days preparing for Thanksgiving dinner.  Shopping and cleaning for one day, then practically two straight days cooking.  We had a garbage disposal mishap last night which thankfully Chris was able to fix, and today’s biggest mishap was when I cut my thumb wrangling with my food processor.  I meant to take tons of pictures today, and I absolutely FORGOT.  I was so stressed and so busy that I just didn’t.  Blogger fail.  But it was a wonderful day.  The food was amazing and plentiful.  The company was wonderful.  Chris and I worked together to do something challenging and really pulled it off.  I love that feeling.

Tomorrow I’m sleeping in, finishing cleaning up, running about 400 miles, and probably eating corn casserole, turkey, and pie.  I can’t wait.


Don’t judge my pie crust. 

Thanksgiving Menu

If you follow me on twitter, it’s no surprise that I’ve been struggling to finalize my Thanksgiving menu.  I just posted that it’s like Sophie’s Choice (confession, I’ve never read that book, but I understand the premise)—I keep seeing delicious looking dishes I want to make, but I don’t have the space on my menu!

(I like this idea but Chris is in charge of the turkey and isn’t quite the bacon fiend that the rest of us are. I like most of all that a friend thought of me and posted that on facebook for me.)

I thought I’d share my menu with you so you can start drooling and agonizing as well. 

THANKSGIVING MENU 2012:  {insert awesome nickname here}

Drinks:  Beer, wine, sparkling wine, coffee, Perrier


Veggie Platter

Something else, light and easy…?

Friend bringing: some kind of chip/crackers and dip

Main Course:

Turkey and Gravy

Sweet Potato Casserole

Picture of Soul Sweet 'Taters Recipe

Dressing (Family recipe)

Corn Pudding with Cheddar and Chives

Cranberry Sauce

Something else green?

Friends bringing:

Martha’s Mac and Cheese

Brussels Sprouts Salad (my friend recreated the one at Trattoria Marcella.  That’s why we are friends, actually…hers is BETTER somehow…maybe because it’s free?)

Cornbread Stuffing

Green Bean Casserole

Scalloped Potatoes

Pies: Pumpkin, Sour Cream Apple, Old Fashioned Cream.  And I’m going to make my own pie crust this year if it kills me.  I have a marble rolling pin that should help (a wedding gift from one of my favorite students.)

Dessert: Friend bringing something else

Okay, honestly this looks ridiculous when I’m looking at it.  (I think we are going to have to make a nice food bank donation to feel less guilty.)  But I still want to add something else, or make some bread or something?  I know, I know.  So…recommendations? It’s not like we NEED anything else, it’s more that I want to spend two days cooking and banking and that’s how I want to spend my Thanksgiving. 

Last chance

It’s your last chance to see Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Mikado” with Winter Opera St Louis today at Chaminade High School.  (I’ll be in the pit). AND the clock is ticking on my ticket giveaway for Chamber Project St Louis‘s Concert on Wednesday.  Don’t be afraid to enter!  Or afraid to attend!

It’s been a pretty busy weekend.  Yesterday I stupidly ran a 20K trail race.  I say stupidly because you know of my injury troubles—when I signed up for 20K I’d figured I’d keep my 13.1 fitness and add in some trail running during the month.  Instead I ran about 13 miles total during the last month.  I’ll do a whole post about the race later, but in a nutshell:  first 10k was GREAT, second 10K was a disaster and today I can barely move my legs.  The bright side is that my hip feels just fine, so I feel like that’s healed and I should be fantastic heading into marathon training at the beginning of December.


The rest of the day all I wanted to do was lie around and not do anything, but instead I had to play a gig for a couple hours.  I find that calf compression sleeves fit fairly well under black pants…


Except when you cross your legs and you realize they don’t.  Oops. 

The main thing on my mind NOW is Thanksgiving dinner!  We are hosting this year (we even have a dining room table now!) and having about 10 people over.  The symphony works through the holiday (other than the day) so we are always around.  I’m having a great time brainstorming for the menu, and will have to finalize my plans in the next few days.  Or at least by the time I make my big shopping trip.


It takes team work to put the turkey in the bag. 

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?  What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

The day started early, with a 6 mile Turkey Trot.  6 miles in 1:04:47.  6 really hilly miles.  Then we loaded up the car and headed over to our friend’s house.  We only had to make one trip back home (forgot the roasting pan and the oranges.)




Now that’s teamwork!  Gotta get the turkey in the bag.


Peeling potatoes.  Do you see my excellent earrings?


Jon and Laura.  Laura’s having a cranberry mocktail.  No worries!


Melissa and Steve.


Jen, and a beautiful showcase of the artwork as well!



SO delicious!  That’s brussel sprouts salad, potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese, turkey…


Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie.  A lot of work, but ultimately, WELL worth it.  Thanks to Natalie for the recommendation!


Oreo mini cheesecakes, pumpkin bread pudding.


The cheesecake again, and key lime pie bars!


All in all, a wonderful and fantastic day, filled with friends, food, and well…thanksgiving!  I couldn’t have asked for a better day.

Happy Birthday to my Grandmother as well!  I hope she can make it out for my wedding in January 🙂

Thanksgiving Eve

I just got home from a fantastic prix fixe menu at Frazer’s.  Bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed dates, caesar salad, Salmon Frazer, split the creme brulee.  Delicious!  And sufficiently full enough to run in the morning.  We went with our good friends Jon and Laura and his aunt Janis.  By the way…Jon and Laura are expecting a baby boy in April!

I spent all afternoon baking, or preparing to bake.


Bread pudding, prepared for the oven.


Caramel Apple Cheesecake Pie.  Not super pretty, but let me tell you what’s under that so far.  Graham Cracker crust, caramel, pecans, apples, and cheesecake topping.  Sounds pretty now, doesn’t it?  I’ll top it with whipped cream, more caramel, and more pecans.

Tomorrow is the big day!  I am doing a six mile Turkey Trot in the morning, and then will spend the rest of the day eating and hanging out with my friends.  Yes, I put eating first.  I don’t know if that signifies a disordered relationship with food, but yes, I look forward to the food on Thanksgiving because it is amazing and delicious and we come out guns blazing:  full butter, full fat, cream, butter (did I mention butter?) and it is going to be the greatest day ever.  Then the day after we’ll be back to not using butter and using Pam and using skim milk and we’ll look back fondly on Thanksgiving…and how before that day our pants fit and hopefully will again.

Today was also the day we realized we might should add a few folks to the wedding invite list.  We’ve gotten more "no’s" than we hoped for—it’s understandable, it’s a tough time of year to travel—so we can add a few more in-town friends.  Guest lists are a real challenge!!

30 days of Thanksgiving:  I’m thankful for stretchy pants.  Hahahaha.  I’m also thankful for Salmon Frazer.

Dear Everybody

Stop making those of us who are spending Thanksgiving with our friends rather than our family (for whatever reason, primarily because we moved out of our parent’s house some time ago and perhaps EVEN to a different city or state, and maybe we have work that doesn’t let us off for days and days on end) feel like ungrateful losers.  It’s going to be a fantastic day and I’m sorry you have to come up with ways to "survive the holidays" while some of us are looking forward to one of the best days of the year!

Friends are the family you choose for yourself. 

And no disrespect to my family (love you all and hope to see you in January!), but the best part of friends is that there is no unconditional love so you have to be good people to each other to keep the relationship alive.  Seems healthier to me!

I love celebrating holidays with the people I spend the most time with.  I am so thankful to not have to brave the crowds to travel anywhere.  I’m thankful this ecard isn’t applicable to me.

Do I seem weird and bitter in this post? 

I’m just tired of people making me feel bad that I am not spending Thanksgiving with my family.  Guess what!  I am not spending Christmas with them either.  And please try not to make me feel bad about that either.  I’ve invited them all to my wedding, no worries! 

I’m sure you will though.  And then you’ll tell me when I have my own kids I’ll understand.