Dirty Girl Mud Run

I’ve never been an outdoor sort of person.  I don’t like dirt, or mud, or sweat, or tears, or any of that…but ever since reading Rose’s blog post awhile back about Mud Run tricks and tips, I’ve had it in the back of my head.

I’d read people’s blogs about mud run and think, hey, maybe that would be kinda cool.  After all, I do occasionally enjoy pushing myself past my comfort level.  But there weren’t that many options nearby and the dates didn’t work out when there was a race.  Until now!

I was offered the chance to run the Dirty Girl Mud Run in St Louis on September 7 and I hope you will think about it too.  You can use the code DGSTLBLOGGUEST to get 20 percent off your registration! 

The run is billed as a 5k women’s only run for all ages and abilities.  You’re encouraged to form teams and help each other finish and have fun.  Now, that doesn’t really sound like me, I know (I am a violinist, not really the epitome of a team player) but again, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, maybe I can work in a team!  And brown looks good on me, right?

Another good thing about the race is that they give money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  I’d rather it be a more generic cancer charity like the American Cancer Society (breast cancer gets so much more money than other kinds!) but I still think that’s pretty cool.  Cooler YET is that you can register for free if you are a cancer survivor.  I’m signed

Okay, who wants to come mud run with me?  Does it sound fun to you? (I’m bummed that it’s women’s only, honestly, because I’d love to make Chris come and get him all covered in mud…but I digress…) I’m signed up for the 9 am wave…so come join me!!

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  1. We have a mud run here called The Dirty Dash and they do a 5k and 10k and it is SO much fun!!! They do one in June and one in Sept. I’m going to be signing up for the one in Sept. If you REALLY want to have fun and don’t want to worry about shoes…go barefoot. I did that on the 10k last year…best decision ever!! People look at you funny, but then you don’t have to worry about your shoes coming untied, etc.
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