I learned today that a few of my friends consider me to be a social media expert.  At least among them.  I do have a blog, facebook incessantly, and have recently gotten very into twitter (it was during my facebook hiatus that I truly became more twitter oriented…don’t judge.)  But I still consider myself a bit of a hack…however, it’s possible that I’ll be doing a bit more with the social media in the future for a new endeavour, and I welcome it.  I do LOVE social media, even though I struggle with it on occasion.  (Again, don’t judge.)

I’ve been working with my blog more recently too, though I am quite sad today that more people are reading my blog because they are finding it searching for information on Alicia and Andrew.  That’s the caring bridge link for information, if you are interested.  I try not to think about it too much even though I think about it all the time.  I just break down.  I think the fact that they are engaged really gets me.  I just hope they can pull through.  I am constantly amazed by the resiliency of the human body and by the capabilities of modern medicine.

Let’s distract ourselves here for a bit then.


That’s the “mascot” for the Mo’ Cowbell run.  You all (should) know that I love cows.


I didn’t mean *that* otter…  (that’s a fantastic website if you haven’t seen it)

Here’s a good article “The 8 truths about weddings (that no one ever tells you)”

a quote from the article “All your interactions will be weighed with a new gravity. When you do fight, it’s fighting as a COUPLE THAT WILL BE MARRIED. Those things that were mere annoyances are now albatrosses draping your shoulders for eternity.”  Luckily I haven’t done that to Chris yet!  (I have.  Repeatedly.)


That’s all I can do tonight, friends.  Stay strong.