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I feel like so much has been happening in my life and I am QUITE behind on blogging.  I’ll catch up eventually, I’m sure.

I’ve been trying to promote my blog more using twitter, facebook, and also real conversations.  One of the ways to do this is to make connections with other people who have blogs.  Which honestly makes the whole thing just seem like a giant pyramid scheme.

Social media = giant pyramid scheme.  Food for thought?

Maybe a pyramid scheme isn’t the exact way to describe it, but sometimes twitter feels like a playground where some kids belong and others just watch, but we forget that there is a whole group of people out there who are NOT tweeting, NOT on facebook, and still are having great, fun, fulfilling lives.  They aren’t taking pictures of everything, or maybe they are but are having those photos simply put into albums on their computers or (crazy!) actually photo albums to display in their homes.

Which brings us to back to the age old question, if something happens and it isn’t posted on the internet, did it really happen?

That’s a rhetorical question.  Don’t strain yourself thinking about it too much.

Why do I blog?  I like to share.  I like to tell people about my life.  There’s a large amount of narcissism involved.  I also like to write and it’s a great outlet for that.  I’m delighted when people read it.  I’m delighted when people comment.  It’s a fun hobby for me.

And yes, it’s a little hypocritical of me to ponder these things while wanting people to read my blog and using twitter to promote it.  Sue me 😉

Which brings us to last night.  I had the opportunity to attend “will write for wine” which was an event hosted by Angela, also known as stlwinegirl on twitter.  It was an event for food bloggers to learn about wine.  I am not a food blogger, if I had to categorize myself I think of myself MORE as a healthy living blogger, but I think my blog is really beyond categorizing (considered bad by social media standards, but I think good by my standards).

The social media ridiculous came in because everybody (myself included, yes) was tweeting and such from the meeting using the hashtag #willwriteforwine.  That’s right.  While we were all in one room we continued to tweet to one another.  Ridiculous?  A little.  Fun?  YES.


These were people I had never met, but several I follow on twitter so it was fun to meet them in person.  SUCH a blogger thing to do, just so you know. If you recall, this was my second blogger event.  The first was a healthy living blogger meet up at the yogurt place.  Wine…yogurt…hmm…I think we know which I prefer!

IMG_0465 IMG_0469

Basically Angela talked about wines, how they are made, what they are, etc, and we tasted 6 different kinds of wine.  I learned (which I already knew) that I prefer cabernets and sparkling wines, and I learned how to describe different kinds of wine.  I’m really not going to go into details, because 1) I don’t remember offhand and don’t want to get my notes and 2) I’m not a food blogger.  I’m sure some of the other attendees will do a far better job recapping the event!

One thing she said was NOT to store your wine in the kitchen and also to avoid moving it.  Heat and movement can make wine worse.  The other important thing is to swirl your wine in the glass to open up the flavors (flavours?).

IMG_0467 IMG_0468 IMG_0472

IMG_0473IMG_0475 IMG_0479 IMG_0480 IMG_0485 IMG_0486

And no, I didn’t drink all of that wine.  The purple vase was for dumping.  I loved the sparkling wine and the cab, and the rest I sipped and then dumped out.  Besides, I had to drive home!

All in all it was a great time!  It’s great to meet new people with similar interests (and outside the music world, no less) and hopefully I will get to attend more events like this.  We talked of a cheese tasting, or perhaps a wine and cheese tasting.

Some of the attendees included authors of the following blogs:















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