From South Carolina to Phoenix by bike


My dad arrived on Thursday around 1 pm.  He had been on the road for 16 days at that point.


He said the bike with the gear weighs about 75 pounds.  He’s got clothes, maps, a stove, tent, sleeping bag, and all kinds of other stuff.  All on the bike. 


I love that you can have sandals that work with clipless pedals!  I’d love running sandals.  (Okay, maybe I should embrace barefoot running…)


You have to make sure everything is tied down well. 


Ready to go!  People.  If you see this man, please don’t cut him off to stop short in front of him to make a right turn.  Use your common sense.  Don’t be a jerk.

He’s headed to St Charles to pick up the Katy Trail today.  Might make it to Phoenix in a month or so.  Follow my dad on twitter @jerrydfrey

3 thoughts on “From South Carolina to Phoenix by bike”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing!! My father does some pretty lengthy bike rides, but not QUITE that far (only about 150 miles). I bet it’d be so rough with all that other jazz tied down along the way!

    Way to go, your daddy! What a rockstar…

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