Happy Birthday to Chris!

Happy Monday morning, readers! 

They are predicting 6 or more inches of snow later today.  Let’s hope I can get through my teaching day with no problems.  I wish I could take the day off to celebrate Chris’s birthday with him, but alas…

I am just pushing through the week until Friday when I take off for Phoenix.  Things are busy busy!

The weekend was great. 

Friday  night:

Chris and I had a fantastic dinner at 1111 Mississippi to celebrate his birthday.  We split the stuffed artichokes.  I had a watercress salad and the seafood alfredo and he had the bacon-wrapped pork.  We finished with the cheesecake.  It was all fantastic, plus I got to take pasta home for later.  Many of my friends insisted we would love 1111 and they were absolutely correct.  It was a great dinner! 



Saturday started very early with an appearance on the Fox2 Morning Show as a guest with Chamber Project St. Louis.  If you missed my entry about that, go here.

In the afternoon I ran 8 miles…on the treadmill.  It was just so cold outside.  I had wanted to do another 10 mile run (did that last week) as it is the last weekend before my race, but I was just too exhausted.  Oh well.

Saturday night I played background music for a private dinner at the Wine Room in the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton as part of the Serenade Strings.


Sunday morning I had my first spinning class at the Center of Clayton.  It was great!  I can’t wait till my next one, unfortunately two weeks from now, but still.  The teacher was really energized and the other class members were very friendly.  I was dripping sweat and worked really hard.

In the afternoon I played again with Chamber Project St. Louis.  They had a short concert at the Siteman Cancer Center.  It was a nice crowd and a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.

By Sunday night I really just wanted to rest, but I couldn’t pass up free tickets to Circus Flora and SLSO’s partnership show, “The Floating Palace.”  The orchestra played music of Bizet, Copland, Ibert, and more, and the circus juggled, tumbled, hula hooped, climbed ropes, and as a finale, the “Flying Wallendas” did a spectacular tight-rope routine.  Wow!  I hope they continue to work together in the future.  There is nothing like live music for a show like that!

Upcoming week’s highlights:

Chris’s Birthday

Trip to Phoenix, visit Leslie and Sarah, run Rock n Roll Half Marathon

Keep reading War and Peace. (should make EXCELLENT headway during travels).

Let’s see how today’s weather goes!  Lots of teaching to do before dinner tonight.