Happy Birthday to Jen!

Today is Jen’s birthday.  Jen is my friend and running partner. How much does it suck that her birthday is on 9/11?

Her mom left a message about how it was HER day and not the terrorists.  How September 11 was a good day.  It makes me sad.  Jen—it’s okay to be happy about your birthday!  Don’t let the terrorists win!!



Jen and I decided to run 9 miles today.  However.  I suck.  I have been struggling with side stitches—I’m guessing from breathing issues?  So we cut it short at 8 miles.  We could easily have walked another mile but running just wasn’t happening any more for me.  HELP!  What can I do?

We were running on the paved, multi-use path of Forest Park.  Often we are passed by bikers.  One woman yelled “on your left” and naturally we moved over a bit.  As she passed, she yelled at us “There’s a perfectly good gravel path for you over there.”  I yelled after her “This is a multi-use path, BITCH.”  Frankly we don’t care for the gravel path as well, plus there’s a part that is somehow mildly creepy as it goes through the woods.  Plus the paved path is multi-use!  I was SO annoyed at that woman.  I hope she had a lovely day yelling at ALL the runners who were on the paved path.

After the run we headed to the Crepe place in the Central West End.  I wanted to take Jen out to lunch for her birthday, and we LOVE going for Crepes after a long run.  We split a sweet one and a savory one.

IMG_0962 image image

Last night was the second Chamber Project St Louis concert.  It was a lot of fun!  We hung out at the Tavern of Fine Arts afterwards (great wine, tasty roast beef sandwich).  Jon wore a great T-shirt.


I MUST ask him where he got it.

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Jen!”

  1. That cake picture is hilarious.

    I have no side stitches advice. I’m terrible at breathing while running. It’s something I keep meaning to work on, but never do.

  2. Wow, what that woman on the bike said really annoys me–every trail I run on, it’s also multi-use and most of the time when bicyclists warn us ahead of time, we usually thank them as they pass. Haha, you should have just been super sweet and made her feel like even more of a bitch!

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