hate cannot drive out hate


(quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.)

I was going to come here this morning and write some mundane stuff about my life.  It even seems trite to mention that, oh, hey, not ONLY was there the tragedy (is tragedy the right word to use even—it doesn’t seem quite right either) in Connecticut, there was a shooting ON MY BLOCK yesterday.  I wasn’t at home, but Chris heard the shots and texted me.  I was on my way to work and was totally freaking out.  Then one of the other teachers at work who just had a baby was completely upset about the school shootings (as are we all) and I didn’t know what to say.  What do you say? 

I feel like something needs to change. 

I don’t want to move out of the city.  I enjoy living in an area where there are more trees than parking lots, where buildings and homes are full of character, and where restaurants are independently owned and operated.  I grew up in a small town and I’m not going back to that.  Ever.  The risks to my mental health are too great.

I’ll leave you with this link, which I recommend you check out.  The 30 Most Important Cats of 2012.  It’s meant for a bit of comic relief, to cheer you up. 

I’ll be back later today or tomorrow with a post all about me, don’t worry 🙂