I know it’s not Caturday but…

Tonight my cat was lying on the couch looking EXTRA cute so I started taking pictures of her, and then texting them to friends and family.  Oh yeah. 


This was actually from earlier.  What you should know, and why this KILLS me, is that the bottom of her stomach is quite possibly the softest, most furriest thing I have ever touched.  I almost start crying just looking at this. 


Yeah, it’s some kind of fancy elegant pillow.

Okay, yeah, I’m fully aware of my ridiculousness.  Don’t judge.

In other news, I finally broke down and bought a pair of Toms.  They are awesome and super comfortable.  Hmm.


Evidently my ankles were swollen that day. 

Last but not least:  my mother in law sent me these:


As excited as I am about getting ready for Leslie’s wedding…I do have a small trip to Paris first.  (And Boston too!)


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