I tried to think of something to blog about that wasn’t just about my cat’s diet so I ranted about small plates for awhile



A friend drew me this. I LOVE IT.

Let me take a moment to address something important about new restaurants and restaurants in general. How many of you are tired of the “small plates” concept? At first, it was fun. Now everywhere is doing it, and to me it just seems like I end up spending more money and leaving hungry. I just want to go to a restaurant and order a meal that contains a protein, vegetable, and starch that the chef has lovingly chosen to coordinate together on one plate! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? I just want to leave a restaurant feeling that I’ve had a delicious, balanced meal, and not stare at the menu helplessly, having no idea what the portion size of a dish might be and finally, simply order a pizza, because you figure, even if it’s left over, you know it’ll still be good the next day.

Also, I think tacos are the new small plates. Everywhere you look, there’s a new taco place popping up, serving all kinds of tacos. Don’t get me wrong. I like tacos. (I also like small plates, when they are at a restaurant where the entire idea is small plates and so you know exactly what to expect and you GO there with the idea that you will split a few with your friends, not with the idea that you will get to order a meal that you will enjoy on your own and then you get confused.) Tacos are so trendy right now though. I think it’ll pass. Like food trucks.

Other pet peeve of new restaurants: that they say, oh, do you have any questions about the menu. Now seriously. If you have too many questions, isn’t it possible that the menu is really poorly laid out or written badly? I can understand if you have a restrictive diet (which, don’t get me started on people’s overly restrictive diets)…but really. Write the menu in a way that it makes sense. We aren’t new to restaurants.


She’s judging all of us. She would be happy to eat small or large plates of food.


It seems she is losing more weight on her left side than her right. I hope this isn’t a huge problem.

So, tell me, what’s something that annoys you lately?

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  1. Nearly everything annoys me lately. It’s occurring to me that perhaps it’s PMS related. If so, that should make for a fun-filled 24hr race with my all-male team.
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