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Over the weekend Chris and I flew to LaGuardia to attend his cousin John’s wedding in the Bronx.  It isn’t easy for him to get away during the season without taking off work (aka losing a week’s pay) but luckily he only lost a few services since the orchestra was playing two different programs last week, and he only had to take off for one of them, provided we flew back really early Sunday morning.


The lighting for this picture was not great, but I wanted to show off my awesome dress.  I wore this in August, and I seriously love it.  It is definitely coming on honeymoon with me.


I’m not going to go into a lengthy description of the wedding, because you don’t know them and probably don’t care, so I’m just going to post some pictures and give a little commentary.  Basically the wedding was completely over the top as far as food—SO much food, we were beyond stuffed and then more food was served.  It was great to see Chris’s family, especially those that might not make it for our wedding, and the Frank Sinatra style singer at the cocktail hour was the best.


IMG_1189 IMG_1191 IMG_1192

Sugar rimmed champagne glasses upon arrival!

IMG_1194 IMG_1203 IMG_1206

IMG_1214 IMG_1217 IMG_1226 IMG_1218

The cocktail hour was great fun, and there were about 8 tables of food to try.  We were pretty stuffed before dinner!


IMG_1230 IMG_1231

My camera was having lighting difficulties.  I like the blue lighting.

IMG_1233 IMG_1234 IMG_1235

IMG_1237 IMG_1238 IMG_1249


Chris’s family

IMG_1260 IMG_1261 IMG_1264

IMG_1266 IMG_1271IMG_1273IMG_1272 

Father/daughter dance.

IMG_1276 IMG_1279 IMG_1289

IMG_1282 IMG_1284 IMG_1287

The end of the wedding was ridiculous—after the cake was served, they turned the dance floor into a dessert buffet, with 10 stations of desserts, including an espresso bar, a gelato bar, fruit, chocolate fountain, cannolis, homemade eggs creams, and a crepe station.

We were completely exhausted and almost sick to our stomachs by the end of the wedding, but I’m glad we got to celebrate with them! 

And now I am REALLY excited about our wedding…

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