Last week of teaching

I have the world’s most conscientious students.  I gave some of my students extra practice assignments yesterday telling them it was because we didn’t have lessons for three weeks (I LOVE that I have some students that will genuinely, truly, continue to practice over break—this is why they are progressing well and sound quite good on their instruments—I love it).  And from more than one student I got a blank stare and a question: why don’t we have lessons? When I reminded them it was because of Christmas and New Years…they were SHOCKED.  And they seemed sad about not having lessons.  (Yes, I felt pretty awesome that they were going to miss their lessons with me.)


A delightful gift from some students

Look what I got in the “mail”!

photo image

If you guessed, new running shoes that I should have bought a month ago but finally ordered on Sunday, you’d be correct.  (Mizuno Wave Nirvanas, and I ordered online because they are the same model I’ve been running in successfully, well, as successfully as I run, for a few years now.) I’ll be testing them out a little later this morning.  After I drink some coffee, stop bugging me.


My toenail is still hanging on.  And is still awesome! (This is from running.  Not a freak accident.  Though, I have a huge bruise on my left wrist that I have NO IDEA how I got.  None.  And it’s gigantic.)


I decided to make pumpkin bread for some gifts.  Note to readers:  do not double the recipe.  It will not fit into your mixer bowl and then you’ll have to work really hard in a giant mixing bowl carefully mixing by hand and trying not to spill everywhere.

photo Still turned out pretty good though!


I got my haircut yesterday!  Does anyone else have trouble knowing where to look at the phone camera?

Yes, it looks basically the same as it always does.  I like my hairdo.  I was thinking about it the other day and looking around the women at the party, and debating getting a different haircut.  I looked at one of my friends and thought, oh her hair is really cute, I should do that, and then I realized her hair was basically just like mine but a little longer and wavier! So I decided to just stick with what was working.


And, on that note.

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