Lord of the Rings

Friday night was AWESOME.  Lord of the Rings:  Fellowship of the Ring on the big screen at Powell Symphony Hall with the SLSO playing the music.  It was like watching the movie but with the music turned up extra loud!  They had subtitles on the movie so that even when the music was a bit too loud you could still easily follow the movie.

There were some “artifacts” from the movie in the lobby.




I was a little frightened of the ringwraith.


Hobbit feet!  Where is the hobbit???  Frodo???


I believe this is Gimli’s ax  “and my axe!”

I sat with my friend Laura for the show.  We LOVED it!  The hall was completely sold out.  The audience really seemed to respond well.  So much fun!

After the movie, we went to Demun Oyster Bar.  Chris and I split an order of grilled oysters—I’m not sure how I feel about them.  They were okay, and they tasted a bit like the ocean…which sounds good in theory until you remember how the ocean tastes after a wave pulls you under ONE too many times and you are very thirsty due to having swallowed too much salt-water—they tasted a bit like that.  Oh well.  The ambience was wonderful though and I would definitely return.


Saturday was CRAZY.  I already mentioned the bootcamp and the 9 mile run.  Around mile 6/7 we came across a group of larpers.  You can follow that link to learn more.  I had heard of this sort of thing but never seen it—people in costume fighting with wooden swords.  I thought I was hallucinating! except that Jen saw it too, and Mike did as well (it was one of the first things he said to us when we ran into him—“did you see the larpers?”…well, after “I was hot so I took off my shirt”).

I was planning to go to the Ballet that night, but I was just TOO exhausted to sit through a show.  Instead I went out for some drinks and snacks with my friends Sarah and Melissa.  We hit up Sage (try the key lime pie martini), Yemanja Brasil (caipirinhas and empanadas), and Riley’s ….quite the night!


Sunday was for relaxing and buying some compression socks!  I woke up several times during the night Saturday because my calves were hurting me.  I decided to FINALLY use my groupon to Big River Running Company to get compression socks (which I am wearing right now).  They are very tight knee socks, basically, and they feel great.  I also went on two different walks just to try to relax my legs (and cardio).  The temperature got into the 80’s.

Tomorrow:  back to work!  I have a full day of teaching ahead of me.  Tomorrow night is the NCAA Men’s basketball final, and I’ll be glad to watch that after a long day of work.

How was your weekend?