Lots of Good Things

When we were younger, we’d often bug my mom as to what she was making for dinner. Sometimes this would be a leftover meal, and she’d tell us “lots of good things.” This was not always the truth…(sorry Mom!)


Cats, Chicago, whatnot.

Chicago: visited my friend Karen over the weekend. She plays with the Grant Park Orchestra during the summer.


The cat made it challenging to pack for my trip.


Where the orchestra performs (at Millennium Park.) Such a cool pavilion.


Mainly when you take pictures of the Bean, you are just taking pictures of people taking pictures. I wonder if back before cameras people simply looked at things and didn’t always pose. What does this say for us as a society? Have we evolved, or are we no longer enjoying things as they are, but simply as photo ops? As a blogger who likes to take pictures, I realize I’m part of the problem.


I am in this picture.


Ice cream selfie! It was a very hot day.


Another view of the Pavilion. It was a concert which included Saint-Saens’s Organ Symphony. Which I decided would be better with cannons.


This happened. Bacon wrapped chorizo stuffed dates from Avec. My favorite. La raison d’être.


And this happened. Didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. Well, not really. That part up the middle made me kind of wish I were dead.



And now I’m home with this fine creature. Who I have officially put on a diet. I know. It’s time.

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  1. So sweet! Your kitty didn’t want you to leave!

    Bean picture is par for the course when visiting Chicago. hehe

    New tattoo…congrats! hehe Bold!

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