My wedding: weight loss incentive

I’m going to talk about weight loss here.  Don’t read it if that is a trigger for you.

I wrote about body image a few weeks ago.  I wanted to continue along the same lines.

I used to look down on people who wanted to lose weight for their wedding, or for other special events.  After all, why not lose weight just to lose weight or to look great all the time?

Lately I’ve been putting together some old pictures for potential wedding stuff.  And I’ve realized how FAT I used to look.  This is partly because I am incredibly judgmental of myself.  And partly because I WAS fat.

chrishannah threeofus

I am not as fat anymore.  But I still want to lose more weight, as regular blog-readers know.  But I’ve gotten lazy with my diet (not with my workouts though) and it’s harder to be as strict with myself without true incentive.


(Yes, that’s a garden gnome.)

And gosh darn it, wouldn’t you know that incentive comes from my darned wedding?  I keep seeing pictures of women in wedding dresses…and my eyes go STRAIGHT to their fat.  Is this fair?  No.  Frankly, I’m probably an awful person for it.  But to be a little fair, these aren’t women I know in real life.  I do NOT look at my friends like that of course, in fact, I always find my friends attractive.  We all do, right?  The more you like somebody the more attractive they seem.


But I don’t want people to see my fat in my wedding pictures.  I want people to see long limbs and muscles.  Well, long muscular arms, and a lovely back, and perhaps a thin face with fairly prominent cheekbones.  Is that too much to ask?  And then, ideally I would stay that way for years and years…

Not that people would think that I looked fat in my wedding pictures.  But I would.  And why not look my best?

But let’s not let my best be my best ever! Always evolving, always improving, right?

I’m winning Mike’s weight loss comp.  Five pounds down since weigh-in day May 31.  Six to go.  I can do this.  But I’ll want more.  (He was perhaps more surprised than I was…but I have actually been doing pretty well.  I’m just really critical.)

cardinalsgame dinnercouple

These are all me.  Different years, different hair, different weights.  I can’t throw away the fat pictures of me.

But I can keep there from being any more fat pictures.  And whether that is because of my wedding or because I know I look a lot better now.  And more importantly, feel a lot better.  Nothing brings out confidence like being in great shape.

So here’s the deal:  I’ll lose some weight for my wedding.  But it won’t be JUST for my wedding.  Is that still hypocritical of me?

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  1. We still have that garden gnome sitting outside of our door here in DC. I still smile when I see it! One of the best and most lasting presents that we got for our wedding but also one of the creepiest! Hope you both are doing well!

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