New kitty, Part II

Ugh, today was a long day.  And I felt pretty down all day, for no real apparent reason.   Then Chris and I went out for chinese food, for our “cheat” meal, which just made me feel guilty and certainly no better…though my meal was pretty fantastic.  (Wei Hong ftw!)  So what to do to feel better?  Other than eat 😉 ?

Well, I found something cute!  More kitty “Albergo” photos on the facebook!



This is, of course, my cat 🙂 Still cute, though not the same as a kitty!

Okay, that made me want to look through my computer for old photos of the fatness.  I found a few!  (Seriously, there is nothing cuter than a kitten.  Nothing!)

I still have this rocker...


Getting comfortable




And, now, for a real blast from the past:

Me and my sister Leslie, demonstrating how NOT to hold a cat.

Ah, there’s nothing like kitty pictures to cheer one up 🙂