Noxicare and Epicor: Review and Giveaway

These are two different products from two different companies, but I am combining them together for a giveaway!

First up:  Noxicare.

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief is a breakthrough natural, patented pain relief formula that is a proprietary combination of 7 of the world’s most potent natural pain relievers that quickly and effectively alleviate inflammation, muscle aches and nerve pain (burning feet)—with NO known side effects and without a prescription.

I tried some of the cream after the half marathon—my calves were crazy sore so I thought that’d a good opportunity.  I thought the texture was nice and easy to rub in, not too greasy, and though I can’t say for sure how well it worked, (I should have done one leg with another kind of cream for control purposes, ha!) it seemed to do the trick.  My calves no longer hurt.



What is EpiCor?

EpiCor is an all-natural nutritional health ingredient used in dietary supplements that helps support the immune system. It is a unique, complex ingredient comprised of protein, fiber, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and other metabolites. Taken daily, EpiCor has been shown to be a safe and effective way to help support immune health and maintain wellness.*

Okay, how well does it work?  I can’t say, obviously.  First off, you should know I am NOT a fan of vitamins.  I prefer to try to eat a variety of food.  Studies have shown that vitamins are practically worthless and I hate to just throw my money away.  That being said, I figured, okay, fine, I’ll try this.  And I’ve had a minor cold this month, a stomach virus, and I’m currently dealing with another cold or something with a hacking cough.  Would I be worse off without EpiCor or better?  There’s no way to tell.  I’d love to be able to say, oh, yeah, this definitely helped, but obviously I can’t say that.

I will say I feel really virtuous taking a vitamin type supplement every day, like I’m doing something really good for myself.  Ha!


Okay, GIVEAWAY time:  One lucky reader will receive a bottle of Epicor, a Tube of Noxicare, and a Noxicare T Shirt (they sent one, and I already have more T Shirts than I wear so I’d like to share the wealth.) US residents only. Winner will be contacted by email.

I’m running this through rafflecopter again, so either you’ll see it below or click on that link to enter.

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54 thoughts on “Noxicare and Epicor: Review and Giveaway”

  1. I never got a full blown illness, but I think I had the beginning stages of the flu last week. Loaded up on immune boosting foods and supplements and I was fine within a few days!:)

  2. Oh man…I know that answering this question is gonna jinx me. I am probably the only person I know who hasn’t been sick yet this year. I do stress the word ‘YET’. But I’ve worked pretty hard at staying healthy, taking supplements and washing my hands almost obsessively. Knock wood!!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  3. Yes I was sick last week and am still trying to get rid of the cough that I have. We seem to love passing it around between the four of us here.

  4. Luckily not been sick this month:) I’m terrified of getting that flu that’s going around:(

  5. Yes, everyone in our office has the flu so I have had it twice this year already since people keep coming to work sick.

  6. I had a sinus infection since right before Christmas, and still do just not as bad because I finally went to Dr. and got on antibodics. Hope it is gone soon and I get my energy back, which isn’t much to begin with so I am dragging bad.

  7. Not yet, but it is only the 4th!
    I was sick in January for 2 weeks–and of course it was a virus so there was nothing the doctors could do to help. Fun Fun!

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