Oat (meal) bag…get your oat (meal) bag now…oat (meal) bag time for me!

So sue me.  It’s been awhile.  I’m still waiting on the darned oatmeal logo.  (Yes, I know that life gets in the way of my blog, and I haven’t reminded my friend in awhile, but GOSH darn it, I thought the world revolved around me.  I presume she was busy adding french words to cat pictures.)


(me) (the world is slightly outside of the frame, revolving)

Okay, so you may be asking, is Hannah still eating oatmeal?  Yes, of course.  Every day?  For the most part.  Occasionally I have had a protein smoothie (water and fruit, I would take the powder dry but I am at least a woman already), or a few eggs.  And then sometimes I make oatmeal on the stovetop rather than overnight, but that is usually when I go to bed really late, that is, get home really late, and just can’t be bothered.  I’ve also tried the whole “30 minute oats” soak, but that’s just not as good.

Just to be clear:  I haven’t had a bowl of cereal since mid-February.  Do I miss it?  You know what.  Not really.  As delicious as it was, it always left that funny taste in my mouth that I just wasn’t comfortable with until I brushed my teeth.  (No giggling, please, or that’s what she said jokes.)  Oatmeal doesn’t do that.  I’m guessing it was the sugar…or the poison!

Now, I should also let the occasional reader know:  if you go back and read my last oatmeal post from about a month ago, I talked about wanting to fit into my shorts.  Yeah.  So about that.  I’ve embraced the skirts that I own.  But I feel that the past two or three days (well, after I finish the pie from the barbecue on Sunday, wait, what?) have been better.  And I am back into heavy duty running and working out and such, and I’m trying to commit myself to committing to a better diet with less junk.  But at least none of that junk is cereal.  As much trouble as I have with my meals during the day, my breakfast has been right on track.

Before I start telling you about some of my breakfasts, here’s a video Vanessa put on my facebook page.



I hope Vanessa wasn’t calling me a pig.  That would be hurtful.

Okay, here’s what you’ve been waiting for.  A bunch of oatmeal pictures.  Remember, I always use a scoop of protein powder and a 1/2 cup of oatmeal.  The rest is guessing and eyeballing.


Chocolate protein powder, oatmeal, milk, blueberries.


You can always tell the days I figure I’ll just use water.  Never nearly as good in flavor OR texture.  Plus I tend to add too much.


I had a week or two of these delicious strawberries.  Seriously, nothing is better than strawberries, sliced, frozen, and then thawed.  This looks overly liquid though.


Again, water…and evidently I had to mix my fruits.  I generally don’t do that.  (You know, I need to get some bananas.  I feel like that would be a good addition to my breakfasts.)


The blackberries were really cheap at the grocery store for awhile so I decided to tear a bunch up one morning.  This makes my mouth water.  I can’t even tell what’s underneath, nor does it matter.  Goodness that looks delicious!


COOKED oatmeal.  I’ve been trying it on top of a base of a little milk with protein powder.  Our new house will have a microwave, can you believe it?  I’ve tried stirring the protein powder into the hot oatmeal but mine doesn’t work right.


Really the best is when I mix oatmeal, yogurt, protein powder and then a little water.  I should do it every morning but the yogurt sometimes feels so decadent.

So there you have it friends.  A week’s worth of oatmeal.  ANY QUESTIONS??

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