One Last Castlewood Cup Post

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They finally posted my pictures from the race—nothing from the finish line (which is FINE) but plenty of me running across that darned creek.  I almost enjoyed it.  Almost.

bazu-571379 bazu-571376

bazu-571377 bazu-571378

What I like about these pictures is that I am most definitely running.  Not in a graceful, gazelle-like manner, but…most definitely running.

My calves are still sore from that darned race.

Oh, and Happy Leap Year Day!  On my way home from rehearsal last night I heard a bit on the BBC World News during which they interviewed a woman who was a “leap year baby” and only has an official birthday every four years.  I thought that sounded really neat.  My mom was born in a leap year, but on February 24…she should have waited five days…she’d be so much younger 😉

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