Pain Tolerance

In violin playing, pain is considered bad.  We’re not supposed to hurt when we play.  Granted, I hurt a lot of the time when I play, but I’m aware that that isn’t good.

Evidently I’m supposed to just deal with the pain, according to Mike.  Or the soreness.  My hamstrings have been really awful since last Thursday’s deadlifts, and my run Sunday really failed.  I told Mike today and he kind of laughed at me.  Especially after I told him I thought I had a high pain tolerance.  I suppose with my winning smile and ability to laugh at myself and everybody else it’s impossible for people to think that I am a truly hard-core individual.


Speaking of pain, here’s a link to my friend’s post about running a marathon over the weekend.

I do think I have a high pain tolerance though, for the most part.  Then again, maybe I’m not as tough as I like to think.  Who knows.

And Mike said he was kind of joking around.  Maybe I was being overly sensitive today.

One thought on “Pain Tolerance”

  1. I totally know what you mean, sometimes I think that because I laugh at myself so much, other people stop taking me seriously. I’m pretty sure I have a high pain threshold, too, and a high tolerance for dealing with unpleasant sh!t in life, but I’ve had people laugh at me when I say that. I think it’s just because occasionally I like to be dramatic. 🙂 But I really am tough behind it all!

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