Pool Day

How was your weekend?  Mine was wonderful.  I was hard at work packing up my house, oh, and I spent Saturday at the pool.  Friday was a fun night as well, had some fun with the girls and hit up every restaurant and bar on Maryland Plaza in the Central West End.  (This is only a slight exaggeration.  I think we went to five different places before I really had to get home.)

But Saturday was for lounging by the pool.  Don’t judge.  You know I usually work hard.  (Okay, you don’t know that, but I swear I do.  Usually.  On occasion?  At least between birth and oh, 23 or so.)


Firstly, I had to take this picture or you wouldn’t know that I was at a pool.  Those are my legs.  And my feet.  If you look closely you can see the blister on my right foot from the day before.  Note to self:  don’t wear new shoes for hours when you plan to walk or stand a lot.

Oh, and before I really talk about the pool, let’s talk about various self-inflicted wounds that I have happening. Friday night I bumped into a glass table and cut my knee.


Do you see?  I was wearing shorts, I promise.  (It was over 105 degrees, shorts are perfectly acceptable going out clothing.)  This really stung, especially in the chlorine.  I like to think that the pool water helped clean it out.


This one is a little harder to see, but those are bruises on my knees from burpees.


Is that any better?  Yes, I know they aren’t dark bruises, but STILL they exist, and they hurt.

One last thing is that there is a lovely bruise next to my pinky toe on my right foot (same right foot with blister) from dropping a jar of peanut butter on it earlier in the week.  To sum it up:  I’m a disaster area.  It’s a miracle I’m still alive.

Okay, I promised to talk about the pool.  I went with my friend Jen to the Cheshire Inn.  They have a pool you can use if you spend $20 on food and drinks.  If you plan on lunch and a couple of drinks this is not a problem.  (Honestly, I feel uncomfortable telling you all that, because I don’t want it to get overcrowded.  So don’t tell everybody you know, okay?)


I made Jen take this picture for the blog.  I am not sure why I was making a maniacal face.  Perhaps to distract you from my stomach?


The Cheshire Inn is near the really large Amoco sign.  This is an actual thing.  If you say that in St Louis, people really know what you are talking about.


Self Portrait. 

You have to get there early to claim the good chairs.   We had planned to arrive by 10:30 am.  I was exhausted when I woke up Saturday morning, and I was worried it would be too hot to go to the pool.  As in, I texted Jen whining that I thought I might be too tired and too hot to…lie around by a pool. Yeah.  These are not actual problems.  We decided to man up and go, since we’d been planning it for weeks (I am not usually that free on Saturdays.)



Lunch!  Chicken salad and fruit.  I’m not a huge fan of the green melon (honeydew, I believe it is called), but the berries and pineapple warmed my heart.

All in all it was a wonderful day. 


Saturday night I met some friends at Pi, my favorite pizza place in all of the world.  I made them order a deep dish because I am obsessed with it.  Then I was asleep by 11:30 I think. 

Sunday morning Jen and I "ran" Forest Park.  Even though it was approximately 20 degrees cooler than it has been…it was STILL too hot to really run.  The last couple miles were primarily walking as I thought I was going to pass out.  Lesson learned:  90 degrees is still hot, and I am stupid for not carrying water.

Sunday afternoon I packed a bunch of boxes, and then Sunday night I finally finished watching True Blood season two and started on season three.

I’m not sure why I felt like sharing all of this with you all, but hey, super exciting stuff, right?

And now it’s Monday.  Busy week ahead of packing and getting ready to move, as well as my last week of teaching until mid-August.  What are you up to?  HOW IS YOUR DAY SO FAR?

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  1. Well for starters, it’s Tuesday, not Monday 😉 And what am I doing??? Groan moan I don’t wanna……I’m starting rehearsals for Die Walkure!!!! Arghhh…..what was he thinking, writing a 5 hour opera! Actually, I think I’m secretly hoping that since I’ve been moaning about this for so long that the reality of doing it won’t be so bad. Here’s hoping……

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