Running a Half Marathon with a Cold

I hate the common cold.

I haven’t had one in awhile though, so I suppose it’s inevitable that I get one. I think it’s been since last winter, maybe February, so I don’t feel like I can complain too much, but I will complain about feeling generally lousy.

I ran the Mo Cowbell Half Marathon on Sunday with the beginning of this cold, but it wasn’t too bad. YAY I finished, though my time was really slow, but my goal had been to keep run/walking in my intervals (I’m really into the timer telling me what to do, because generally I want to walk for longer than it wants me to and it makes me move it) all the way to the end, and I did that! Until towards the end when I ran a little more to finish. I finished strong and probably should have been trying to run faster, but my goal for this race and training period had been simply to get back to running, and what does it matter if people who walked the whole thing may have finished ahead of me? So I feel pretty good about that. In fact, I feel really good about it, and now my goal is to keep running and run a bit faster, since I know I can keep running.

IMG_0557 IMG_0555

Happy and proud Hannah selfies!

I forgot how even when you train properly for a half marathon it still really hurts to walk afterwards…though by the second day (yesterday) I felt really good, just some thigh soreness and today I’m basically back to normal. It probably means I didn’t push myself enough, or perhaps means that I did well and trained well and did just fine. Either way I felt great! My throat hurt a lot afterwards and I thought I was dehydrated from the run but then I realized it was just my cold, and then I relaxed a bit about it.

Today has been interesting. I thought I was feeling better part way through the day, but then I changed my mind and canceled some students. I was regretting that decision until during my last student when I got snot on my bow and nearly had a few coughing fits and really basically was a terrible teacher and a gross human being, and now I’m in my pj’s on the couch with a large pile of tissues next to me and this is definitely where I should be!

I’m really looking forward to my recital on Sunday though! Jen and I have been working so hard getting ready and I’m just getting really pumped to play. If you are a local reader, I’d love it if you came to see us play! This link should go to the facebook event page, which SHOULD be public. If you can’t see it, comment below and I’ll do something different.

Oh, and this was my post race meal. It’s called a “slinger” and it was both amazing and disgusting. Hash browns, eggs, a burger patty, and chili.


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