St Louis HLB Meet up

I keep forgetting to mention this, so I wanted to make a very special post about it.  Not really.  It’s Thursday morning, I got up earlier than I needed to, so I’m blogging.  It’s my hobby 🙂

Are you a healthy living blogger in St Louis?  Then join us for a meet up at 1 pm on September 25 at Pi on the Delmar Loop.  The meet up is organized by Real Fit Mama and so far only 4 of us are down for it.  I don’t necessarily consider myself a healthy living blogger per se—and maybe you don’t either.  No matter.  Go here and let Real Fit Mama know if you are planning to come!


If that doesn’t spell healthy living, why then I just don’t know what does!  It certainly makes my stomach rumble for that delicious cornmeal based crust…the first time I ate it I almost cried with happiness.  Oh wait.  I do that almost every time!

Okay, gotta do some minor preparations for my father’s visit.  He’s getting into St Louis around noon, evidently, and I am in no way prepared for a houseguest.  I am under a great deal of stress right now and just barely keeping it together.  Everything I am going through was as a result of choices and decisions I made, but knowing that doesn’t make it easier.


I love this picture.

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