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Doesn’t the word "those" look really funny?  I find the longer I stare at the word the more unlikely I am to be able to pronounce it or even recognize it as a word.  Blog is a funny word too.  Maybe it’s because both words start with two consonants?  At least blog is a word that was created from two other words (web log, if you didn’t know.)  What’s the excuse, those?


A friend was asking me a couple of questions yesterday about my blog.  It came up in our conversation that I had met people through my blog, and he couldn’t believe that.  (What, like-minded people coming together?  CRAZY!)  But six months ago I might have thought it was crazy too.  (I will never use the term blend.  I pinky swear.)

The thing is, being a blogger is a pretty unique/crazy thing.  I have definitely grown into my blog here, but I absolutely love it.  I want people to read it (oh, I do, I do!) and I think a fair amount of you do.  I want it to be humorous but insightful, like I am.  And I think it’s neat to meet new people through the blog or through social media (which I use primarily to promote myself, ergo, my blog.)  And, confession time, I’m totally jealous of all the bloggers headed to Healthy Living Summit this weekend.  I kind of want to go next year, and I kind of want my sister Leslie to start a blog and go with me.  Plus we need to meet Meghann…I already know her through twitter as she has TWICE responded to my tweets (maybe three times, I’ve lost count.)

The next question was how long do I spend on my blog each day?  Basically anywhere from 15 minutes to…several hours.  Usually closer to 15 to 30 minutes though.  Sometimes I can write something terrible in less though!  But it takes awhile to search the internet for a relevant Lolcat photo.  Or irrelevant.  Doesn’t matter.


What is the genre of my blog?  What would you say?  People always want to categorize blogs, and evidently you get more readers if you have a "theme."  There’s healthy living blogs, mommy blogs, runner blogs, food blogs, weight loss blogs, dating blogs…I recently had my blog listed at the healthy living blogs site because, while it is not only a blog about healthy living, it is definitely a blog about healthy living.  Or at least, neurotic living.  In fact, the less healthy I think I live, the more my readers compliment my balance!  (See, my trip to Chicago where I was freaking out over all the crap I ate.  Walking 300 miles over the weekend balanced that out.  And several people sent me facebook messages.  I guess my friends worry I am too hard on myself.)  But honestly, I eat tons of fruits/veggies/whole grains/fish and I work out six to eight hours a week, if that’s not healthy (or like I’ve already said, neurotic) I don’t know what is!  Keep in mind I’m currently on the couch in my pajamas so I do enjoy my downtime as well.

The issue at hand here, really, is that last night I started a book I shouldn’t have. Madness: A Bipolar Life by Marya Hornbacher.  My friend Emily recommended it (thanks Em!).  The problem is, whenever I read a book about bipolar I start to worry that I’m crazy as well (I shouldn’t use the word crazy, but just be assured I am using it for lack of a better word.)  I worry that my mind racing and my fast talking is actually me being manic rather than simply a little hyper or over enthusiastic.  So I kept waking up all night long worrying about it.  Also worrying about whatever else there was possible to worry about.


But obviously the author of the book has much more drastic mood swings than I do.  I never, for instance, break things or cut myself.  I am simply more likely to want to go out at night, or do things with friends rather than sit at home.  Or I’ll need to go for a run or go to the gym.  I think that’s all in the normal range. 

Note to any readers who use Google reader:  I made a mistake yesterday.  I’m working on creating a blog for Chamber Project St Louis and I was messing with Windows Live Writer and accidentally published something to this blog.  I immediately deleted it, but I know it showed up in Google reader.  Sorry to confuse you all (if I did.)  Yes, that’s me, the "blog expert" who failed in a variety of small ways.  That’s how I roll 😉

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