When you get a text message from your husband that says "Want to have steak for dinner" you say "YES."

Well, and then you say, oh, we need to have a vegetable too.  Because you are a little bit crazy like that.


I only ate one of those.  But I ate the whole thing.  With some cauliflower "mashed potatoes" on the side.  YUM.  That was last night.


This morning I met my friend Karen at Rooster.  She lives in Phoenix but plays in Grant Park for the summer (Chicago) so she was doing her twice annual "drive through St Louis."  It was great to see her for about 1 1/2 hours, but sad that it was only 1 1/2 hours.  She was at our wedding though, and I’ll definitely see her in October at Leslie’s wedding.  Chris and I, or just me, might make a short Chicago trip this summer.  We’ll see—lots of other stuff happening this summer (moving, Boulder, and oh, in September I am going to Paris for a week!) that has to take priority.


Very tired.


Aerial view (taken from a helicopter, of course.)

There’s a lot of talk on the interwebz about National Running Day.  I did go for a short run this morning, go me.  What a ridiculous "holiday", right?  Tomorrow on the other hand, tomorrow is truly a National Holiday!  (My birthday, FYI.  And my first day off work since May 13!!  I actually don’t have any big plans for it.  Chris has to work at night and earlier, so we will grab an early dinner, I’m thinking Pi, and then maybe meet some non-working friends while he’s playing the Opera?  I am tired and don’t feel like making plans in advance 🙂 )

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