Thanksgiving Eve

Wow, what a day!  I’m finally sitting down for about the first time.  I’m THANKFUL today for my good health!  Without my health, well, I wouldn’t have anything 😉  But seriously, I’m thankful I am healthy and able-bodied and that I am able to do whatever I need to do. I’m talking both minor ailments such as colds and more major illnesses or handicaps…I’m basically thankful I’m not suffering from anything at all at this time!

I just finished making three desserts and a topping for Thanksgiving tomorrow.  Two are my grandmother’s recipes and two are from the internet.  Here and here.  I’ll post pictures later, don’t want to spoil the surprise!  Suffice it to say that although I did make my own crusts from scratch, and I’m sure they will be tasty…wow my crusts look atrocious.  I struggled with them and finally just did my best.  I really need to work on my pie crust skills.

Today I almost turned off my alarm and skipped Bikram Yoga, but I would have felt too guilty.  I went to my second class today.  It was tough but not as tough as the first one.  The class was taught by the same teacher as yesterday’s but was much larger (probably twice as many people).  It was at 9:30 versus yesterday’s 11:00, and I didn’t get to eat enough beforehand–they say not to eat for three hours beforehand, but I was VERY hungry during class, so I’m pretty sure that was a bad idea.  I’m still not sure how I feel about the classes, but I’ll continue to go during the two week period no matter. Probably will be there sometime on Friday.

When I got out of class, it was POURING rain!  I almost just drove home, but after a few minutes (and a bit of powerade zero 😉  ) I continued with my errands.  Packet pickup for tomorrow’s race and groceries, followed by a quick lunch then a really intense workout with Mike.  Then home to bake!  Now I must get ready to head out to a friend’s potluck dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers (particularly my family 🙂 ) !

HBBC:  90 minutes of Yoga:  4.5 points,  Treadmill running 1 mile: 1 points, 60 minutes weight training/core work with Mike: 3 points, Total points for day 8.5.  Total points for week (so far) 30.