Throwback Tuesday

I think that’s what people are doing, right?

My mom recently had some slides converted into digital form. I wanted to share a few of me as a kid!

Me holding my sister Leslie. Look at those CHEEKS! And my adorable eyes and blonde hair.

Me, Leslie, and my brother Jesse. Leslie laughed because I was stuck with the yellow pjs since they had pink and blue covered. Already chewing my fingernails, it looks like.

I was evidently very proud of my baby sister. Who possibly had the mumps in this photo…she had the biggest cheeks anyone has ever seen.

Like now, I tanned easily.

An early violin recital. I seem to have won some sort of award than Leslie is taking a bow for.

Remember the dome house that my dad built and my parents live in? Here’s the beginning of the construction. I’m in the green with stripes. That’s my Dad, me, Jesse, and Leslie.

And one last one, as to not leave my mom off the blog. On the couch, my dad, baby Leslie, my Grandma and Grandpa (mom’s side), my Mom. In the front, Jesse and me.

Aren’t old pictures the best? I probably take more pictures in a couple of weeks than we used to take in a year! It was different when you had to buy film and pay for developing, wasn’t it? But I think that makes the pictures more precious, in a way.

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