Vega Protein Powder and Kitties

I was contacted by Vega Protein Powder about getting some free samples of their product as well as giving my readers and followers some samples.  Now, you all know that I eat (drink? use? mainline?) protein powder every morning in my oatmeal, and I also often make a protein shake after workouts, depending on if I remember or have time.  So when they asked if I’d like some samples, I said sure.  I mean really, this blog is obviously taking off:  free protein powder, free shoes, free Saucy Soiree tickets.  I’m raking it in here, and YOU can say you knew me before I was big.  (Unless you’re just meeting me now.  Too late.)

(Go here to see a hilarious bit from The Office about protein powder.)

Honestly though, it’s fun, but of course I write for me (for me, not for you.  Don’t forget!)  I won’t say no to free samples, but (and I know everybody says this, but it’s true) I would never push anything on you, and I won’t lie about liking something that I don’t like.

So here’s the deal.  I have no idea what this stuff is like, because I haven’t gotten my samples yet, but you can sign up for a bit of junk email and get a free sample for yourself.  Maybe it’s terrible, maybe it’s awesome, but it is probably worth trying if you are a protein powder user like me.  And it’s 100% plant based—so if that is a concern of yours, you’re good to go!  (Though the small print implies it might be made in a facility that processes chocolate which might contain dairy and soy, so depending on your level of paranoia/seriousness you’ll want to be wary, as with anything processed.)

Go here to sign up for your free sample.


Okay part two.  I promised you kitties.

My kitty!


And that is the funniest thing I saw on the internet this week.  Can anybody top it?

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