Who knew people liked reading about auditions

Wow.  My blog traffic has tripled since I posted “orchestra auditions for non-musicians.”  (If you haven’t read it, check it out.  And SHARE with your non-musician friends and family who think you are either crazy or a failure.)

So what do I do next?  If you are still reading you might notice my topics are all over the place.  Violin, teaching, working out, eating, movies, etc.

But this is my life, this is the life of a musician!  The life of one musician, at least.  I spent many years practicing or working all the time.  And now I have the luxury of some free time, and I’ve dedicated it to MYSELF and my health.  And I discovered a passion for running…well, conceptually at least.  I think that working out and music have a lot in common as far as discipline, scheduling, and delayed results.

I don’t want to just write about music, or about orchestral life, or about “how to win an audition”.  (Honestly, that last one I don’t really know…I have only one a few auditions, and definitely lost more than I’ve won.  Perhaps I can write “how to lose an audition” instead?)  I used to think I would write a book about the life of a freelance musician…maybe I’ll do something like that on my blog in the near future.  Perhaps an improved “Mozart in the Jungle”….

Or maybe all of my {potential} new readers are frightened away by my randomness and great love of my cat?


Can you believe that is a cat?  And yes, that is part of my purple music stand.  You know what, it’s cool.  I like my blog the way it is.  My parents read it, and Chris reads on occasion, and some of my friends read it occasionally too.  And you are all AWESOME!

But I will do some more posts related to day to day life of musicians so you can share them with your family Smile  I’ll also do posts about my cat, running in the park, my students, and post stalk-y pictures of my trainer.  I know you’ll be pleased.

3 thoughts on “Who knew people liked reading about auditions”

  1. Hannah–I thought you’d get a kick out of this: After reading this post, I checked my FB (usually nothing interesting going on there anyways, so I don’t know why I check it) and some fellow violinist I just played a gig with has YOUR blog on her status with your post on orchestra auditions in particular. Just thought that was funny and goes to show how small a musicians’ world really is despite all of us going to different conservatories at different times….

  2. It is a small world! I wonder who that was–feel free to email me. I would assume we have mutual friends. I can’t believe how viral my post has gone–I even have some haters commenting…I thought I’d approve them and see if folks had responses or whatnot.

  3. Hi Hannah- I usually don’t comment on total random strangers’ blogs, but I really appreciate your views on being a musician and perceptions by non-musicians of the wonderful world of trying to be a professional musician.
    I am a “retired” violinist myself and can relate to every word you say about the lifestyle- from going up feeling isolated and different from your peers, to the conservatory experience, injuries, and beyond. I’ve also been there, done that. Although I no longer consider myself to be a musician, I find that I still best relate to those who are. 90% of my Facebook friends are musicians and several of them have posted your blog entry (that’s how I came across it myself).
    I appreciate your honest look at a career that is sometimes perceived as frivolous and unimportant. A lot of people have no idea the hard work and dedication it really takes to make it in the music world.

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