I think this sums it all up.  (And it’s Caturday, so stop complaining).

I can’t believe this weekend is finally here.  I had a few rough weeks of busy-ness and stress…and now it’s basically summer.  And this is going to be my skinniest summer since ’98.  (Okay, I’m sadly excited about that.)

I taught yesterday and then went to Lemongrass with Melissa.  I branched out from my usual meal there of "seafood hotpot".  I love the hotpot because the rice at the edges gets very crispy.  I also love fishcakes, something I first had at Siam Cafe in Cleveland.  But I wanted to get something different so I got something with noodles instead.  It still involved fishcakes and shrimp.  All foods should contain at least a couple of shrimp.

Fascinating.  I know.  This would be a better entry if we hadn’t THEN gone to Absolutli Goosed and met up with some other folks.  Good times were had.  But I woke up feeling somewhat…dehydrated…to say the least, and I still wanted to get in a run.  I did the front loop of Tower Grove Park and returned home completely drenched.  With the thermometer only reading 70 degrees. I weighed myself before and after, and my scale registered a 1/2 pound loss from the run.  I don’t know how people deal with this heat.

Now it’s a student recital followed by a wedding at the Jewel Box.


That greenhouse looking thing is the Jewel Box, which is located in Forest Park.  I have played dozens of weddings there, and have a half dozen on the schedule for this summer.  It’s a nice place, I guess.


That’s Albergo.  And that concludes today’s post.  If anything exciting happens I’ll let you know 🙂