Concert tonight

Tonight! Concert starting at 7:30 pm with Chamber Project St Louis at “The Chapel” (location here).  (This is the group that I was ON TV with in January.)  I play on the last piece on the program, but the whole program should be great!


I have gotten some nice feedback on my post about Body Image.  Thanks for reading guys!  And remember, you can comment ON the blog…

I haven’t gotten to much of the virtual retreat stuff the past few days.  I got really sucked into some wedding planning stuff (who would have thought that I really enjoyed thinking about invitations and paper…oh wait, that’s right up my alley) and have spent many hours doing stuff.  It’s amazing how much time I can spend on this stuff.  I guess wedding planning really DOES take up a lot of time.  But we’re doing well—venue, invitations, officiant, and we are currently working on music and photography.  One thing at a time (or two, if you split up)!  Plus I had my birthday and all…

Anyways, local readers, come to the concert tonight!

Other helpful things:  Vote for the St Louis School of Music to take 5000 1-8 graders around the world with the Ocarina.  Follow this link for information and to vote (it’s not automatic, you have to log in, annoyingly).  I would be involved in the project.

I read a great article by Peter Sagal (host of Npr’s Wait, wait, don’t tell me) about why he works out with a personal trainer.  It spoke to me, as I feel much the same way!  I recommend reading it.