Fast Food is probably worse than Yogurt but more delicious

Important facts about Hannah: I have a great love of Taco Bell. I have loved eating at Taco Bell ever since Taco Bell was invented, or at least until the early 90’s. That being said, I do occasionally (very occasionally, since it’s generally not healthy and I also prefer to spend my dollars at local restaurants) partake in other fast foods.

That brings us to my latest sponsored post—I know I just had one for yogurt (and seriously, go click on that coupon, go get some discount yogurt!) but I was asked to try the new Wendy’s Flatbread Chicken Sandwich, make a video, and tell you how YOU can make a video to have a chance to win Wendy’s #6secondsflat sweepstakes aka become famous and win $6,000.

I hate making videos, so mine isn’t very good, but here it is anyway. Enjoy the heavy breathing in the background. Also it is 11 seconds long. Don’t hate me. I tried the Asiago Ranch flatbread (it has bacon!) and it was pretty tasty.

(Wendy’s probably hates me for mentioning Taco Bell so much in the first paragraph of this post, but honestly, I have to be true to myself and my readers, right? I’ve never been one to worry much about SEO and I’m not going to start when I don’t think it fits the needs of my blog.)

I was also asked to share a story about my life that relates to this post. (I’m telling you all the secrets…)

On family trips when I was a child, we would have the primary choices of Wendy’s or McDonald’s for food. My sister Leslie was a picky eater and hated hamburgers, so after many years of throwing fits, occasionally being made to wait in the car while we ate, and many, many tears, my parents finally decided she would be allowed to order the more expensive McNuggets. This was long before Wendy’s offered a variety of foods on the 99 cent value menu, including some chicken options. I was a little bitter about this, because while I would eat my cheeseburger and be fine with that, I would have much preferred chicken nuggets. Lesson learned: throw more fits, or be born later in the birth order. Next time!

When we went to Wendy’s, we would often get Frostys and then we would either dip french fries into them, or get a bunch of (free) packages of saltine crackers and dip THOSE into the chocolate Frostys. (Back then there was only one flavor.) I don’t recall if Leslie would partake in this but my brother Jesse and I definitely did. (This was during the pre-Carrie years, so that’s why I’m not mentioning her…not because I don’t like her.)

Anyway, once we discovered Taco Bell we would generally just eat there as it was somewhere Leslie would happily eat, but before that I have many happy memories of having meals of cheeseburgers, frostys with crackers, and a sobbing younger sister, without me even having to do anything to torture her.

After Carrie was born, it turned out that she didn’t like Taco Bell (I know, what??), so the family was torn apart again, and would often try to find two fast food restaurants side by side so that we could all be somewhat happy. This once turned into Leslie having to eat her Taco Bell outside because a hamburger place wouldn’t allow her to bring it in to join the rest of her family enjoying burgers and fries.

I’d recommend the Flatbread sandwich overall: it was tasty, it had crunchy bacon, and the flavor was good. The other flavor, smoked honey mustard, is lower in calories (370) and is probably pretty tasty too, so if you are on the road and need a quick fix, give one a try: for a limited time only!

Thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this post and allowing me to continue to mainly blog about my cat and how I’m not running.

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