Feeling good

Jen and I ran the park today.  5.6 miles in 1:09.  No walking!  I was lagging behind her almost the whole time but it was a good run.  Not too hot either, and we went extra early because we thought it might be.

We also found a new boyfriend for Jen.  He passed us, and we considered turning around and running after him, but he was going too fast for us.  We also considered getting the car and going back around and finding him, then getting out and pretending to be running, but decided that was a little crazy.  Instead we just went home.  Such is life.

Now I’m taking a short break from house-cleaning.  Today is the student recital at my house.  6 of my students are playing, and I am naturally super stressed out for the company.  Even though these people come into my disheveled house every week, they don’t see as much of the house as they will today, so I’ve been frantically cleaning.  Those who know me know that cleaning is NOT my forte.  I enjoy a clean house as much as the next person, but I rarely do a really good job cleaning, instead simply doing a cursory vacuum and dusting around objects.  Today is really no different, just that I am doing that all over the house!  (Good thing I’m engaged already, right?  What man would want a woman who can’t clean properly??)


Last night I had a wonderful time hanging with friends at Sasha’s on Shaw and then to the Amsterdam Tavern.  The Amsterdam is actually where the Pumpkin Run started, and is also (evidently) a great place to watch soccer.  I am not a big soccer fan, but Jen is, and it seemed that she knew everyone in the place!  (When I say not a big soccer fan, I mean, seriously pretty bored by the sport.  I prefer baseball and the Olympics.)

After all the work today, we have a movie date: the final installment of the Lord of the Rings, Return of the King.  Will Frodo live to destroy the ring?

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  1. You guys should have run after that guy! That would have been funny…

    I also think cleaning sucks. Good luck with your students’ recital today!

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