Friday Funday

What’s going on in my life:

Running Stuff:

1.  Sunday:  Go! St Louis Halloween 10K.  Probably not wearing a costume exactly, just a Halloween t-shirt and socks. Oh, and shorts.  Just that the shorts won’t be Halloween themed.

2.  Next Sunday:  Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  After this, then I’ll get another medal for running two Rock and Roll events in one year (Phoenix in January), woo hoo!  Also Jen and a variety of people I know are running it!  I might even have convinced Chris to come cheer along the course.

3.  November 6:  St Louis Track Club Half Marathon (it was super cheap to enter, maybe I’m mildly insane.)

4.  November 20:  St Louis Track Club Marathon Relay (STL people, I need one or two more runners to make a team of four!  Email, tweet, or comment if you are interested!!)

Blog World Stuff:

1.  I signed up for a “foodie pen pal” at the Lean Green Bean.  I sent my package to my “pen pal” today and actually received mine in person the other day.  I’ll explain it all on October 30, but it’s basically a food “care package” of your favorite stuff.

2.  I’m participating in a bake sale at Running Ricig’s blog on October 30 to raise money for charity.  I’ll be donating a loaf of my “world famous” pumpkin bread.

3.  I volunteered to be a cookbook tester for “Melt:  the Art of Macaroni and Cheese.”  Basically I will get a recipe or two and try them out at home.  This seemed like a no-brainer—I love macaroni and cheese, especially cheese, and I’ll get a credit in the cookbook.

4.  I sent a little package to Jordan at Food, Sweat, and Beers today as well.  I might be getting something from her in a few days as well.  I’ll probably tell you about this later too.

Other fun stuff:

1.  Chris’s cousin is getting married in the Bronx and we are going, yay!  I have new shoes and new earrings, but a dress I’ve worn before.  Not in the Bronx though.

2.  Mark and Julia’s Pumpkin Party is coming soon.  I mention this simply because of my great love of all things pumpkin.

3.  Ben Folds concert with the St Louis Symphony.

4.  Chamber Project St Louis has two more concerts coming up, November 3 and 4.  Come out to see us play, St Louis readers.  I’m only on the second half this time, playing a Mozart Piano Quartet, which means I will be less stressed out and more likely to be able to say hello.

5.  I’m getting MARRIED on January 2.  (Oh, you already knew that?  Hmm.)

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    1. If you look at my race times, you’ll see that speedy is not in my name. I’ll let you know if I need somebody though, but obviously don’t wait around 🙂 And thanks for commenting!!

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