Inspired by the Olympics

It’s amazing how lying on the couch watching the Olympics makes one want to do super human feats.  Well, not really amazing, but I’ve been working on my fall “race” plans and was talking with my sister Leslie about her spring race plans and thinking about some things too.  (I used quotations because I am really slow 😉 )

Yesterday she and I went for a 4 mile run around Boulder.  It was a great run—it is harder to run here because of the altitude but much easier because of the cooler temperatures.  We wore our Mezamashii project shoes.


It was a truly successful run in that I only needed to stop once to get a breather and give my foot a break (I was feeling a blister/slight pain on the bottom of my foot) but otherwise ran the whole time.  Perhaps it was being inspired by Leslie who was running far slower than her normal pace to stay with me, or perhaps it was the contact high we received from some guy who passed us on a bike smelling strongly of “medicinal marijuana.”  Nonetheless, in the words of the Mezamashii project, I’d say it was a “brilliant run.”

So where does that leave us with race plans?  Here’s what I’m pondering.  One:  a spring marathon.  The Go.  Now you say, goodness Hannah you can barely manage to run that as a half.  If I’m going to fail, I might as well fail big, right?  Leslie is thinking about running it too as it is at the end of her spring break, and it could be “fun” to run the same race.  I’ve often said I don’t want to run a marathon until I get faster at running, but who’s to say if that will ever happen.  Then again, maybe this is the Olympic fever…

Other plans/thoughts:

October:  Mo Cowbell Half Marathon.  I did this last year, and this year it will be my goal half marathon.  Should I run dressed as a cow?

November:  The “Skippo” 20k Trail race.  I maybe should just run the 10k but that’s me talking negative talk.  Plus the 20k gets a medal and the 10k doesn’t.  I think the hike I took the other day made me want to run in the woods.

skippo logo

February: “Lost Dutchman” Half Marathon in Arizona.  How gorgeous does that scenery look??

And then…

April:  Go! St Louis Marathon.  I’d have to start training in December if that’s what I decide to do.  So my plan is this:  to see how the next couple of months go—try to keep to my training plans, and hopefully avoid any injuries.


Heading home today!  I’ll miss this scenery.

What are your race plans?  Local readers (or Arizona readers)—is anybody planning to run these races?

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  1. You already know I’m doing the Skippo. I love that park, love that race. So excited to finally meet you! (Because we live sooooo far away. :D)

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