Introduce yourself!!

I’m curious about you, the readers!  If you are a reader, PLEASE consider introducing yourself in the comments.  Where do you come from?  Why do you read my blog?  Any questions or suggestions for me?  I’d love to hear from you!

Every single day somebody finds my blog by searching for “cheese” or “cheese slice.”  Do I talk about cheese very often?

Other searches this week:

very beautiful pedicure – why thank you, and a manicure now as well.

marathon running loses control of bowels – never fails, people love searching for this.  I had to take the picture down though. 

jon hamm personal email – if you find it, let me know!  I’m sure he’s waiting to hear from me.

getting into a symphony without a good resume – how about getting in without a good audition? But have you read my orchestra auditions for non musicians post?

i am a reader and a runner blog – I guess I’m these things…I hope they enjoyed what they found!  Remember I also play the violin and I’m mildly sociopathic with an inflated sense of self…just kidding!

violin cake – sounds delicious!

purple pig calamari – oh YES.  So good.  Also contains vegetables, a bonus!

outdoor hot yoga phoenix – wouldn’t that simply be doing yoga outside in phoenix in the summer?

There’s something narcissistic about having a blog and writing about yourself.  (I think that’s probably an understatement 😉  )  The question is:  have I become MORE narcissistic since starting this blog or have I always been that way?  Karen and I were discussing this the other night—she thinks I haven’t changed much since we were friends in Cleveland.  I guess I was narcissistic then as well?  I think I’m a good friend too though.  I try not to just talk about myself, in fact, since I put it all out there on the blog I can spend more time with friends asking about them and listening rather than telling them about my life.

Or am I deluding myself?  What do you all think?

Unrelated:  my weekend may have caught up to me last night during my run.  I was going for 4 miles, and only made it 2 miles before I had to stop and almost threw up.  I fought against nausea for the rest of the run…I could blame the heat, but I will probably blame my weekend activities instead.  No lasting harm done though, I’m sure.  Only up two pounds this morning…not great, not great.

Remember:  PLEASE introduce yourself in the comments here!  No more lurking 😉

12 thoughts on “Introduce yourself!!”

  1. I can’t remember how I found your blog. I love blogs about running or food or both. I live in Norman, Oklahoma (Home of the Sooners).

  2. Hello! I think I may have found you through the lovely Skinny Runner – were you one of her catladyblogs? Anyway, I’m a musician and a runner too so that’s why I decided to plonk your blog in my RSS reader and have been enjoying ever since 🙂 Think this might be my first comment though…

  3. I’m not sure either exactly how I found your blog, but I’m guessing I found it after browsing the internet on audition information on pretty much all the orchestras you seem to have already played in! I’m originally from Canton and studied with the concertmaster of the Akron Symphony in high school and now live in Columbus, but right now, I guess I’m “off” the audition circuit since I haven’t been practicing regularly. It’s always interesting to read about other musicians’ experiences and I know another big reason I read your blog is because I started running right around the same time, so the interests definitely line up. Keep writing!

  4. Hiya! I think I found your blog through Skinny Runner? Can’t remember for sure though. I live in Los Angeles, originally from Oregon, and am just starting to run so I am soaking up all the running advice I can get 🙂 I have been married for a little over a year, so I enjoy your posts on wedding planning as well – I was obsessed with Weddingbee when I was planning my own!

  5. hi I’m michelle. we went to high school together. I do not remember how I found your blog maybe facebook? I live in greenville now. I have a fat cat too. her name is lily. Your blog makes me laugh. Keep it up.

  6. Hi Hanna,
    I found your blog through facebook. It’s nice to “catch up” with you this way since I am reading it all the way from Trieste, Italy. 🙂 Have fun with your wedding planning. BTW: I used to be a runner, but not anymore. I killed my knees by running on sidewalks for 6 years. Mong

  7. Hi, I think I found your blog with the music/running combo. Just so happens I do both as well. I play trombone in D.C. with a military band, and I started running right before the gig. Turns out I went to grad school with Jon R. who is playing trombone in St. Louis, on top of those other things in common.

    I’ve enjoyed your many different entries on the above mentioned topics and look forward to more. Thanks for sharing them all.

  8. i found your blog on facebook. it’s nice to catch up on you. i’m excited for you. if you have children i bet they will be just as beautiful, smart, and talented as the girl i remember from high school. you don’t seem to have changed

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