Maybe it is music that will save the world

I have so many thoughts about what happened in Boston…it’s hard to wrap my brain around them and write or even think coherently. So I’m not going to do that. I’ll just say some random thoughts, because that’s what I do best, and that’s how I’m feeling.

We all feel more strongly when something like this happens on our soil. It’s different when it happens overseas, because then it’s happening to “someone else.” Here, it’s US citizens, families, runners. And people can relate more. What if, though, what if, we all tried our hardest to relate ANYWAY? What if, when something like this happened to people that we felt we had nothing in common with, nothing we could even relate to, except that we are all HUMAN…what if we felt as strongly every time? What if we tried our hardest to want the best for people not only just like us, but utterly unlike us? Just by virtue of them being people?

I got an email notification of a comment to moderate on a post I wrote in December after the shootings in Newtown, which reminded me of what a wonderful quote from Dr King I found that helped me at that time.


I think it definitely applies here as well. Let’s not add more violence to the violence.

After learning about the explosions the other day, I had to pull myself together and teach violin lessons.

Music brings people together—people from all walks of life and all backgrounds. As Pablo Casals once said, “Maybe it is music that will save the world.”

My thoughts go out to all the people affected. It’s an awful time.

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  1. Great post, Hannah. I don’t know about music or musicians, but it is a fact that music education positively transforms children and nationalized, open access music education systems positively transform societies.

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