O’Fallon Firecracker Run Recap

Awhile back Jen asked if I wanted to do the O’Fallon Firecracker 10k on July Fourth.  Naturally I agreed as I am always up for racing.  When it got closer to the date I was less excited as it had been so HOT plus the race started at 7 am.  We realized we needed to leave around 5:30 am.  Not super great.  Nonetheless, still plans were made for our first 10k, after which we would feel {slightly} less guilty for overindulging at my barbecue.

When my alarm went off, I was not super thrilled to be a “crazy runner” as some of our friends have started calling us.  However, I got up, got dressed, got my breakfast and coffee and got ready to go.  And realized it was pouring rain.  Well, at least it wouldn’t be hot.

It took us about 45 minutes to get to the race.  It was being held in O’Fallon by the River City Rascals Ballpark, which I assume is some sort of minor league team.  And I don’t feel like googling that, but you go right ahead.

We picked up our t-shirts and race numbers.  The race was well organized plus there were real bathrooms, always a plus.


Oh, and I should mention that we sort of wore costumes.  We thought people would be decked out, as it was the Fourth of July.


We were wrong.  There were only a handful of other people wearing anything even remotely resembling a costume.  A shame, in my opinion.  After all, isn’t part of the fun of racing being silly and ridiculous?  Or am I missing something?

We got our picture taken by somebody else also, “for the website.”  I found it later on facebook (Big River Running’s page), and realized what is holding me back from being a real celebrity. (hint: it’s not my legs!)


Had I been wearing my sunglasses that would have been a fantastic picture.  Maybe we can photoshop them in?

I also found this other picture:


Those were the other people in costume.  Seriously.  O’Fallon, I’m disappointed in you. (Then again, what did I expect?  This is why I live in the city.)

IMAG0466 (3)

Or maybe it’s because I am CRAZY.  That face is just frightening.  I’m only including this photo because I look ridiculously thin.

The rain had basically let up, and we lined up for the race.



We ended up in an area where it seemed that none of the men were wearing shirts.  Strange.  And I blame Jen.

ANYWAY.  The race got started, and off we went.  Our goal was to finish in under 11 minute miles, to not walk, and to get to the end without any crying.

The rain came and went, and we were both completely soaked.  But we kept going.

I won’t bore you with too many more details, but basically it went pretty well, though after about 4 miles Jen went on ahead because I was too slow (I insisted she go on ahead, of course!).

At the end of the race we entered the ball park and rounded the bases.  This might have been more fun if it wasn’t just a big mud trap!  I wanted to sprint but kept having to slow down because I was afraid of wiping out.

I finished in 1:07:18.  Just under the 11 minute mile goal (yay!) and without ANY crying, by either myself or Jen.  (Yes, I’m referencing the Go! St Louis fiasco.)

Afterwards I needed to sit down.  I guess my phone camera was a little foggy from all the rain.


There was a good spread of free food afterwards alone with some samples of stuff.  Overall it was a good run and a good race, though a little boring.  Would I run it again?  Probably not, as the course just wasn’t that interesting, but I’m glad we did.

My first 10K!

227 out of 287 for the 10k.  41st in my division.  1:07:18.

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  1. Good job on your first 10K! That’s next on my list:) My only goals–too–are getting through my runs and races without walking or crying, haha.

  2. I would like to meet the shirtless wonder standing to Jen’s left in the picture above…can you guys help me out!?!? 😉

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