Reindeer Run 5k

This is what I wanted to blog about earlier.  I’m doing it now because I’ve had a nap and I’m feeling more positive.  Chris and I ran a 5k this morning.  (That bulge in my shirt is my gloves, stuffed down my shirt.  It wasn’t as cold as I thought. If I hadn’t just been trying not to pass out/throw up I might have removed them before we asked somebody to take our picture.)

It was Chris’s first 5k—he’d been training for about 4 weeks and was excited to test himself.  We were both ambitiously hoping to break 30 minutes, but it wasn’t to be.  I kept him in sight for most of the race, but each mile got worse (I guess my 9:30 or so first mile was a bit ambitious considering my training), and ultimately I finished in 32:41.  Maybe if I weighed what I weighed last year when I did this race I’d have done better, but I felt decent, my hip felt good, and the whole race was really hard (I always forget how much I hate 5k’s until I’m actually running the 5k).  Chris is on board for more races so that made me happy!  I’m hoping to cajole him into the half in April…

In other news, I loved loved loved The Hobbit.  We survived the midnight showing, got home around 3:30 am…haven’t seen that time on a clock while in the car in a long time.  (I feel really old right now.)

That’s a picture I took in the theater and then lightened it up on instagram.  Chris didn’t realize I was actually planning to post it.  (Does he NOT know me?)  Yeah, I know, we look great.

Midnight showing: we went with another couple (Vanessa and Russell, who have appeared here before!)who had bought their tickets separately.  We hoped we could switch around to be in the same theater.  We got to the theater around 10:40 or so and there was no line for the tickets.  The guy said, no problem, since theater 9 wasn’t sold out he’d just switch us to that.  We walked into the theater and there was a huge line…for theater 7.  And another huge line for theater 8.  I walked up to the usher and asked where the line for theater 9 was.  She said, oh theater 9 is already seating.  She tore our stubs and we walked right in, got seats towards the middle about halfway up.  It was AWESOME.

Anyway, I loved the movie.  I think we all did except maybe Russell who wasn’t as big of a Tolkien nerd.  I especially liked how the music absolutely fit in with the LOTR trilogy—when we were in the Shire or dealing with the Ring, or at Rivendell…the themes were still the same.  And there was a scene with a hedgehog, which cracked me up.  (Hedgehogs are totally hot right now.)

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  1. Congratulations! I’m glad Chris wants to do another race. The only way I run 5Ks is after I’ve forgotten how much I hate them. They are the worst. If run right, you can’t help wanting to throw up at the end.

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