Super Romantic

Even though we’ve been engaged since February, we just had our engagement photos taken last night.  I don’t know if people ordinarily get them taken earlier (I think so) but we are not most people.  Since we are getting married in January, I wanted to do an outdoor photo session while the weather is nice.  And BOY was the weather nice last night!

We met our photographer, Sarah Crowder, at the Grand Basin in Forest Park.  Shortly after we moved to St Louis, I played a wedding at the Grand Basin.  I thought it was one of the most beautiful places I had ever seen, and even thought to myself that I would get married there.  Of course, I would never have an outdoor wedding, but I COULD have an outdoor engagement session there!

I had the afternoon off and my shoulders were too sore to practice so I was (naturally) messing around online.  Sarah and I are both twitter addicts so we were having a little fun.



I was especially amused to have ANOTHER photo shoot on a Sunday.  That’s two Sundays in a row for putting on ridiculous amounts of eye makeup…but the results are worth it.

Anyway, we met up around 6:00 and she took a ton of pictures in various places around the Grand Basin and then near the World’s Fair Pavilion.  Some were more posed, some were less so.  We ended up having a really good time and Chris really relaxed into the shoot.  We shot photos until the light ran out, close to 7:45.  It was GREAT.

I can’t wait to see the results!  Sarah put up one on facebook (even though Chris doesn’t like himself in it, it’s all we’ve got so far…and I think he looks good).


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