Oatmeal Madness, Part the Second

Yes, I know I skipped a week.  But it’s time for week two of Oatmeal Madness!!!

(For part one, go here).

Last night Chris and I were discussing the grocery list (yes, it’s a discussion when I go shopping because I hate to bring a list unless I am making a big and important meal—I feel like trying to remember the list is a great mental exercise, so we talk about what we need) and I asked him if he wanted me to buy him more cereal.  He still eats cereal for breakfast, even though it is evidently THE WORST THING EVER.  He said yes, even though he admitted it was definitely the reason he was so fat (Chris likes to say he’s fat a lot.  For the record, he is one of the least fat people I have known.) Later that night I was changing and I admired my emerging abdominal muscles in the bedroom mirror.  Chris may have rolled his eyes at me, but I know Chris is totally jealous of my abs—abs that are starting to show SIMPLY because I no longer eat cereal.

Because that’s not a six pack.


I am so much tanner.  And my abs are more defined now than in this picture from our honeymoon, but possibly only in my head.  I feel like taking a picture of them right now would be borderline pornographic, and that’s just not the sort of blog I’m running.  I’ll get a picture later, when it seems appropriate, like at the beach.

Boy do I wish we were on a tropical vacation now, that would be awesome! (pictures from here and here)  But I digress.

What was I talking about?  Oh right, oatmeal.

It’s been two weeks since my last post.  Since then I’ve eaten a fair amount of oatmeal.  I haven’t taken pictures of all of it though.  I had a bit of a blogger fail while I was at my parent’s house and didn’t take enough pictures.  Rest assured I have been eating either oatmeal or protein/fruit smoothies for breakfast.  My parents have a microwave so I decided to take advantage of it and make oatmeal in the microwave—quaker oats, water, microwave, stir, add protein powder and fruit on top.  Maybe a little milk to add a bit of creaminess.  Why yes, I am actually giving you a “recipe” for oatmeal.  Should I make a tab at the top for these recipes?

I got a few questions from my last post which I shall address now.  Leslie asked, what if I don’t want to cook in the morning, OR prepare my oats the night before?  That’s an excellent question.  My suggestion would be to try to get somebody else to do it for you.  That’s the best life advice I can offer you as well:  “Don’t do something yourself if somebody else can do it for you.”  It’s the opposite of what my friend Laura once said, which was “I prefer to do things myself rather than have somebody else do it wrong.” 

If you have any other oatmeal related questions (and I’m sure you do) please tweet, text, email, facebook, IM, google plus, or friendster message me.  You may also phone, telegram, mail, or send a passenger pigeon.  I’ll use some of the most popular questions in my next oatmeal post! Or I will make some up.  Either way, right?

*drumroll please*

Without further delay, here are some of my oatmeal pictures from the last two weeks!


This looks to be regular oatmeal, yogurt and blackberries.  Always with protein powder, I’ve got a lovely cake batter flavor happening right now.  That looks really delicious!


This is similar but it looks like I used a bit of peanut butter (or cookie butter, I’ll admit, I’m not above putting a dab of that in my breakfast even though I highly doubt Mike would approve) AND it looks too watery.  I only measure the protein powder and the oatmeal and then I add yogurt or milk or water to get what I think is the correct consistency.  This doesn’t look quite right.


I decided to try steel cut oats again.  I love them conceptually, but they are so chewy without cooking them.  It makes a pretty satisfying breakfast though.  This looks like I just added water, no yogurt, and those are indeed blackberries.


This looks like a winning breakfast, in my opinion.  And tons of delicious berries on it.  I would eat this all day long if I had enough.


Overnight oats in a jar!  BLOG WIN.  (OOIAJ)

We finished off a jar of peanut butter.  Oatmeal, protein powder, milk, and some chia seeds because I added too much milk.  Oh, and if you are fruit blind, those are blackberries.   This was absolutely delicious.  Probably because it contained massive amounts of peanut butter.


This made me gag a little when I took it out of the fridge.  Note to readers:  do not add chocolate peanut butter the night before.  It will look like poo the next morning.  Steel cut oats and strawberries rounded off this so-so breakfast.  And the strawberries were still a little frozen.  Not my favorite.


I didn’t have enough strawberries here.  Rolled oats and yogurt.  The strawberries were nice and juicy though, and that added awesome flavor.  I love strawberries after they have been frozen and then thawed.

There you have it!  Any questions?  (In addition to the other ways I listed of asking questions, and I think I left Google Buzz and Myspace off that list, you can naturally leave your questions in the comments, please do so!)

That concludes week two of Oatmeal Madness.  Thanks for reading!

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