I thought since I’ve been doing a bit of travel blogging lately it’d be fun to have a “travel” tab at the top with links to some of my trips. Mostly so I can go back and read about them if I like, but if you are looking for travel ideas, inspiration, or information, you might find it here.


Camping 2017:

Fall 2016:

Road Trip Summer 2016: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico

Phoenix, Sedona, and the Grand Canyon (May 2016)

Chicago (Spring Break 2016)

Road Trip (August 2015)-Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota

Italy (May 2015):

Road Trip to Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains (August 2014):

Random Short Trips:

Philadelphia: Happy Belated Thanksgiving 

Local Trips/Day Trips:

Pre-Divorce Trips Worth Mentioning Anyway:

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